Welcome Back!

Today we were delighted to welcome back many of our pupils from Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 6. School feels very different at the moment, with all of the children being taught in very small, safe groups. Sadly, the groups will not be mixing with each other during the day, and even meals will be shared in the classroom, but I can assure you that lots and lots of learning is taking place and life, for us, is beginning to return to normal. Home learning will mirror the daily lessons, and will be uploaded by Miss Orpin to all of the class pages. Please call us if you have a problem. There is also a daily worship (assembly) with children in school and online. If your child is a member of the school community, and would like to join us at 1pm, please text your email address to us using the school system.

Please remember that we are here, and if you need our support you can call the school office on 01322 665212.

The risk assessment for our return to school can be found on the newsletter page.