Murphy Class Reception

Welcome to Murphy Class!


We are so excited that we can meet all of you, on Thursday 2nd September 2021.

Here are is our timetable for the first three weeks:

Week commencing 2nd September - Drop off at 8.45am at the St Mary's Road school gate.

                                                    - Pick up at 1.10pm from the St Mary's Road school gate. 

Week commencing 6th September - Drop off at 8.45am at the St Mary's Road school gate.

                                                  -  Pick up at 2.00pm from the St Mary's Road school gate.

Week commencing 13th September - Drop off at 8.45am at the St Mary's Road school gate.

                                                   - Pick up at 2.00pm from the St Mary's Road school gate.


Then, our regular timetable will be:

Week commencing 20th September     

Drop-off - Enter St Mary's Road playground gate on the right, at 8.45am and send your children to their class line, then adults leave by the playground gate on the left.

Pick up - Enter St Mary's Road playground gate on the right at 3.15pm, collect your child, then exit from the playground gate on the left. 


Our Class Rules.

We can show we are ready for good learning.

We are kind to our friends.

We share nicely.

We always walk in the classroom.

We all tidy up and look after our resources.

Hello Reception , I am Miss Willis-Richards, your Class Teacher, I am really looking forward to learning and sharing lots of fun activities and challenges with you.  I will be at the school door at the start of the day and on the playground at hometimes.  Grown-ups please come and say "Hello".  All of us, in our EYFS team, are looking forward to an exciting year with you all.

If you missed looking around our classroom, please go to the website Homepage, follow the link to the 'About Us' section and then click the link to access - 'Reception Intake 2021'.

How we learn in Reception.

We always plan from our children's Next Steps because you are all unique and learn in different ways. We love to link our learning through the wonderful and numerous books we read in class.


Long Term Planning 2021 - 2022

Information for Parents


Our outdoor classroom is as important as our indoor classroom.

Jill Murphy 

We are named the Murphy class after the author, Jill Murphy. Our favourite books by Jill Murphy include 'Peace at Last', 'Whatever Next' and the series of books about elephants in the 'Large Family'. We have our class mascot called Bert(who is on holiday at the moment).

Spr 1, Term 3 2022

We are loving reading 'Cave Baby' written by the author Julia Donaldson.

We made a cave from different materials and textures, linked to our story - the 'Cave Baby'.

Cave Baby Caves

We love to keep fit and healthy with "Wake Up, Shake up."

"I can feel my heart beat quickly."

We listened to the 'Cave Baby' song and used musical instruments to play along to the song.  We made sure to listen to how the music sounds and change how we play the instruments!

We experimented with loud and quiet sounds, then fast and slow tempo."

We loved decorating our classroom Christmas Tree ready for Jesus' birthday on Christmas Day 25th December 2021.

We had a special visitor in Reception this December...

Where is he hiding?

We are superstars at cutting with scissors

Children in Need Day - 19th November 2021.

Beautiful Poppies for Remembrance Day - 11th November 2021.

In R.E. we have been learning about Diwali - The Festival of Light - 4th November 2021. We have made decorative Rangoli patterns, lots of firework pictures, clay Diva Lamps and have had lots of fun!

We watched some videos of people dancing for Diwali celebrations and tried it out ourselves when a Diwali dance teacher came into school!

We spun around and moved backwards and forwards.

Harvest Festival - 3rd October 2021 - We collected lots of food to donate to our local food bank.

Roald Dahl Day 13th September 2021

We loved reading Michael Rosen's - 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt.' Spr 1 Term 2.

First, we went through the ... 'swishy, swashy grass'.

Swishy, Swashy

Next, through the river - ...'splash, splosh!'

Splash, Splosh

Then, through the mud - ... ' squelch, squerch!'

Squelch, Squerch

Next, through the tall, dark forest. Stumble, Trip

Through the ... 'swirling, whirling', snow storm - 'Hoooo Woooo! Hoooo Woooo! Hoooo Woooo!'

Swirling, Whirling

Finally, into a narrow, gloomy cave,where we found a BEAR! Then we ran the journey in reverse.

Underneath this heading, are some photographs of last year's Reception children.  They are in Year 1 now, with Mrs Pier, and are continuing their fabulous learning at St Mary's.

Last Summer, in 2021, we had some visitors in Reception,  we wonder what they will turn into...

NSPCC- Number Day 2021

We enjoy acting out our stories, using puppets in a puppet show.

Reception showed resilence and perseverance as they became super Speed Stackers.

Last, Spring 2021, we used flowers and blossom from our cherry tree to make perfume.  We mixed them together and poured them into bottles.  The smell was gorgeous!

We had a lovely surprise this week, we went on our new Trim Trail.

We are getting our allotment ready to grow some vegetables.  This week we planted some potatoes.

We have had fun learning about money, this week.  We have used real coins and notes and played games on our Interactive White Board.

We had such fun, using teamwork with our parachute and ball in our 'Garden'.

We looked at and taste the different fruits from the story - Handa's Surprise. We also did a fruit survey to find out our friends favourite fruits!

We have started our new story - 'Handa's Surprise'. We used the instruments to make music to go with the story.

We loved playing in the snow this week!  We spoke about how snow feels and what makes snow!

Happy Chinese New Year 12th February 2021! 

Xīnnián kuàilè

1st February 2021 - We have started our new story - 'Peace at Last'.  We acted out the story and played musical instruments to express how the story made us feel and how the bears would feel.

We went on the playground and completed our 15 Minute Mile.  Whilst we were outside, we enjoyed a class game of '1 more, 1 less' with a giant Snakes and Ladders grid!

We are subitising superstars in Reception!  Subitising means we can look at an amount of objects, things, spots etc and know how many there are without counting!

Here are some of our colourful class displays.

Have fun at home and improve your sound knowledge with Alphablocks.