We are very grateful for all of our parents, and the support they have given us when protecting each other from COVID-19. We have put in place very strict rules in school, and we update and adapt these when we notice something isn't going as well as we planned. To this end we have a COVID-19 risk assessment, which we would like to share with you. You can read the most recent version here:

List of measures for educational settings for managing COVID19 (as detailed in 'Managing coronavirus (COVID 19) in education and childcare settings:


Follow and promote public health guidance on testing, self isolation and managing confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Maintaining appropriate cleaning regimes.

Keeping occupied spaces well ventilated. Moving activities such as singing outside, to better protect pupils and staff.

Encouraging staff to take lateral flow tests twice weekly.

Appropriate use of PPE.

Review and reinforcement of hygiene measures.


Warn and inform information to be provided to identified group.

Increase of lateral flow testing for staff.

Reduce overcrowding and promote social distancing within bubbles.

Reduce intergroup mixing, including staggered entry, seating plans in class, and staggered playtime.

Reduce mixing of staff.

Temporarily reinstate face covering for staff in shared areas.

Limit visits and visitors.

Parents can further help us in the following ways:

* Ensure that you wear a mask when dropping off and collecting your child.

* Socially distance to protect yourself and others.

* Keep away if you have symptoms of coronavirus, and take a test as soon as possible.

* Do not leave home if you are awaiting a test or test results.

* Do not leave home if you have tested positive for coronavirus.

* Ensure that your child is on time for school. Each bubble enters school at a different time, so know the time that your child should be in (the times are also on the school Facebook page).

* If you drop off more than one pupil, cross the road between drop off times, to ensure that bubbles are not mixing outside the gate.

* Look after yourself! If you take risks with your health, you are taking risks with your child's health. Please look after yourself.

We have received £3900.00 in COVID Catch-Up Funding. This has been spent on:


Headstart Mathematics

Sir Linkalot Spelling Programme

Times Table Rockstars

Books from Heath Education

Books from Scholastic

The cost of these resources: £4283.69

During lockdown 2 (2021) 97.5% of our pupils have accessed learning either online or via our virtual platform. It is our policy to deliver daily (normal) lessons in all subject areas, which the children learning at home join via our learning platform. The links and any resources for these lessons are delivered the day before for families to prepare, and children join lessons from 9am until 3pm. Lessons are recorded for safeguarding purposes, in line with our procedures, and are only stopped when children are given time to work with independence.