Religious Education

As we approach Easter with the children learning from home, here are some ideas for activities with an Easter theme.

Please read our most recent inspection report:

Term 5

This term we have different areas of focus.

Reception: Stories from the Bible - What can we learn from Old Testament stories?

Year 1: Faith stories - What are the stories that are told in other faith traditions?

Year 2: Judaism - How do Jewish people remember and celebrate?

Year 3: Kingdom Of God - When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?

Year 4: Hinduism - What do Hindu people believe about God?

Year 5: Islam - What do Muslims believe about the way they should live their lives and why?

Year 6: Buddhism - What do Buddhists believe about the way they should live their lives and why?

This term our focus is Salvation

We will all have different Big Questions to think about and answer during the term.


Here are all of our Big Questions...

Reception = Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?

Year 1 and 2  = Why does Easter matter to Christians?

Year 3 and 4 = Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?

Year 5 and 6 = What did Jesus do to save human beings?

Year 6 visited St Mary's church to learn about 'The stations of the Cross' from Father Dane, as a hook into our R.E unit - Salvation.

Happy Pancake Day from Year 2

Year 2 loved having pancakes for breakfast for Pancake Day. We talked about why we celebrate Pancake Day and how it marked the start of Lent.

Year 1 have started our new theme with a walk searching for signs of New Life.

Reception enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday. We discussed why Christian's partake in Lent. We all recorded if we were giving up something or start a new hobby. We enjoyed eating pancakes!

Year 2 Christmas

Year 2 acted out the story of Jesus' birth. Can you tell what part of the story our freeze frames are showing?
Reception have learnt about the Hindu festival Diwali (which means row of lights). We compared this to our own special festivals.

Reception have been talking about Easter. We made beautiful Easter gardens to remember Jesus.

Reception class have been hearing the Christmas story and went to see the Nativity scene in the school entrance.

Year 1 have been learning about the Christmas story.

In Year we used knitted Nativity character to tell the Christmas story. We then went to see the Nativity scene that we have in school by the office. The children enjoyed finding the different characters that we had hear about.

Reception- Diwali

Reception have been learning about Diwali, which means 'row of lights.' We compared the Hindu festival to the festivals we celebrate. We really enjoyed making Diva lamps, Rangoli patterns, Indian sweets, feet for God Lakshmi, lanterns and painting Mendhi.

Reception Term 1- Creation

Reception have been learning about the Creation story. They have learnt what God created on the 6 different days and on day 7 he had a rest. They really enjoyed making each day using different techniques.

Noah's Ark April 2018

Reception learnt the story of Noah's Ark. We made animal masks with a partner. We used our lovely boat outside to act out the story. Reception will carry on learning about Noah's Ark for the next couple of weeks.

Indian Dance Workshop March 2018

Today we have celebrated the Holi Festival. This traditional Hindu festival is to celebrate the start of spring as well as the triumph of good over evil. Each class had a lesson and then the whole school came together to do a wonderful performance for the parents. A very enjoyable day was had by all.