Walliams Class Year 6

Fiver Challenge 2024 - Over four weeks Yr 6 will use a £5 pledge to get their business ideas off the ground, helping them develop core enterprise skills whilst making a profit. Week 1 - Logo design

Year 6 micro:bit coding - creating automatic lights

Graffiti Week 2024 - We walked around Swanley comparing graffiti as Art and graffiti as vandalism

Graffiti Debate - Is graffiti Art or vandalism? We created our own Graffiti Art (keep looking for the finished canvases!)

Year 6 investigated how mirrors reflected light and learned about angles of incidence and angles of reflection

In science, Year 6 investigated whether light travels in straight lines and how shadows are made.

R.E - Year 6 visited St Mary's church to look at The Stations of the Cross; Father Dane explained Jesus' journey to the cross.

Creative Independent Learning Project - Mountain Environments

Art - Creating our own version of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss

Year 6 made Reebops (little critters) using a genetic code from Reebop parents, exploring inheritance and variation.

In Science, Year 6 made double helix DNA models out of sweets!

Creative Independent Learning projects - Stone Age Hunter Gatherers

Making blood using cheerios, marshmallows, rice, pasta. oil, water and food colouring

All about the heart - heart dissection by Year 6

Creative Independent Learning Project Term 1 - Ancient Greece

Creative Independent Learning project - Ancient Greece by George

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Creative ILP - Ancient Greece by Charlie

Prefect & Red Ties

Science - microorganisms investigation

Holi dance rehearsal

Holi dance rehearsal videos

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Holi dance rehearsal videos

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