Browne Class Year 3

Welcome to Browne Class!


Welcome to Year 3! Please explore our class webpage to see all the exciting things you will be learning in Year 3 this year. 


Mrs Pier will be teaching Science throughout this year and has lots of fun practical learning activities planned. In Term 2, we are looking forward to finding out more about the Light.


In History, following on from the Stone Age,  we will be learning about the changes Britons experienced with the coming of the Beaker People! The use of metal changed their lives.


At the end of Term 1, we really enjoyed two days of 'Art' and produced some detailed sketches and textured designs. In Term 2, we will be exploring the work of William Morris who loved using nature as an inspiration. 


PE will be taught on a Friday Morning so ensure trainers are sent in on this day. Long hair should be tied up and earrings removed or covered. 


We encourage daily reading at home - please sign the homework diaries and make a note of the page number too. Homework will be sent home on a Friday and collected the following Thursday.


We are really excited about our term ahead!


Miss Angeli and Miss Leadbeater

Weblinks for Home Learning for Term 2

In science, Year 3 investigated how shadows change when you move the light source

Scientific exploration of light and dark in Year 3

The Stone Age Village of Skara Brae Inspired Frank To Make His Own Tools!

Layers of the Earth in playdough by Year 3!

This week, Year 3 learned about the rock cycle using Sturburst sweets.Yum! Make sure you ask your children all about it.

In Science, Year 3 are learning about rocks. Our rock hunt was very successful!

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