Research Projects

" A school that is research-engaged uses that engagement to sharpen its focus on school improvement and improve teaching and learning." (NFER 2006)

There are currently several research projects being undertaken by the teaching staff at St Mary's CE (VA) Primary School:

Learning from History (ending February 2022)

* Finding your way around with Geography (ending February 2022)

* Leadership and teacher wellbeing (ending July 2021)

* Phonics - research and practice (ending July 2021) - please note that this is not a replacement training for our phonics scheme, but a research project.

*Attendance - the national picture and lessons from this (ending February 2021).

* A classroom environment - how to make a difference! (ending February 2021)

* The school playground - a place that works (ending February 2021).

* The Development of Handwriting (ending on 29.1.20)

* Spelling, and How to Improve Practice (ending on 12.2.20)

These projects are available for professional development, with permission of the Headteacher.