N.B. For the admissions year 20/21, the Office for School Adjudicator has agreed a temporary amendment to our admissions criteria to allow for Church worship to be used as an over subscription criteria only for the period Churches have been open in this time period.
If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

A Typical Day at St Mary's CE Primary School


8.20am Welcome to Maths Club! All pupils from Years 2 through to Year 6 are welcome to join 

             Maths Club every morning. This offers 30 minutes a day of extra mathematics tuition,

             which is invaluable for every young learner! On Friday there is a games session, and

             throughout the week all pupils have the opportunity to develop and use skills of                           fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Please join us for some mathematics fun!!

8.45am Join us for some yummy toast! All pupils are invited into school for a slice of toast and

             a drink. Help yourself! It is a great start to the day! (Our survey shows that chocolate is

             the favourite spread for most of our pupils!)

9.00am Registers - don't be late, because missing the start of any lesson can disrupt your day  

             and that of other pupils!

9.10am Years R, 1 and 2 start their phonics lesson (which is separated into small groups for

              maximum support, progress and achievement). This is followed by their first daily

              dedicated lesson.

              KS2 start their first lesson of the day:

Reception Mathematics
Year 1 Mathematics
Year 2 English
Year 3 English
Year 4 Mathematics
Year 5 Mathematics
Year 6 English

10.15am Daily Worship

10.30am Playtime

10.45am Years R, 1 and 2 start their second lesson of the day.

               KS2 start phonics, or grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Reception English
Year 1 English
Year 2 Mathematics
Year 3 Mathematics
Year 4 English
Year 5 English
Year 6 Mathematics

11.50am The Reception class enter the lunch hall, allowing them 10 minutes on their own,

               getting settled with their lunch and finding a friend they want to eat and talk with.

               We encourage a positive dining experience, with pleasant chatter and eating

               together in peace.

12.00pm Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) come into the hall to eat together. If the weather is fine,

               pupils have the option of eating together, out on the field, picnic style.

12.30pm Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) come into the hall to eat together. All children have food

               options and choices, and we encourage pupils to eat (but we never make them eat!).

During lunchtimes we offer clubs for children who want the distraction of a lunchtime club. These include Buddy Club, Chillz and Bug Club (a science based club looking at the natural world).

1pm       Afternoon lessons begin. This encompasses all of the Foundation subjects,

              including swimming, sports, art, technology and music. 

2pm      Reception and KS1 have a break together, this allows for some afternoon exercise

              and social time.

3.15pm Recpetion, and KS1 have hometime.

3.20pm Key Stage 2 have hometime.

Afterschool This is when we start our amazing range of extra curricular activities which are

              changed seasonally. These include Book Club (for our very able students), 

              Cheerleading (Reception and Year 1), Benchball,  Craft Club, Film Club,

             Guitar, Homework. and Football!