Morpurgo Class Year 5

Welcome to Morpurgo Class


Welcome to our new class page where you will be able to find out all about what we do in Morpurgo class! 


Year 5 will return to school on Thursday 2nd September 2021. Our start time will be 8:45 am and school will end at 3:20 pm each day. Your entrance and exit to school will be through Year 5 door. 


Below you will be able to see: our Term Timetable, our long and medium term plans, your termly Brain-builder task, pictures of what we get up to in class and much more. 


Year 5 will be participating in PE lessons on Wednesdays. Please ensure that you come into school on that day only, wearing a dark-coloured tracksuit and trainers to avoid any changing in school. Thanks


Looking forward to seeing everyone in school!


Mrs Pooley and Mrs Thurlowsmiley



Conscience Alley - Should Mr Spink make Jim's family homeless or not?

Mr Spink makes Jim's family homeless

Readers' Theatre

Hot-seating as Rosie

Art in the style of Paul Klee

Making quadrilaterals with straws

Using our spinners to estimate and measure angles.

Story Jars

Number Day

Exploring decimal numbers

World War II Artefacts

Should children have been evacuated or not during World War II?

Exploring shadows

Linking with North Borough Primary School

Where is Gobi Desert?

Stations of the Cross

Counting up and down in fractions

Exploring Equivalent Fractions


The London Eye Mystery

Claude Monet

Home-learning Term 2

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Discussing the true meaning of Christmas

Counting in 4s, 5s, 6s and 10s

Using dice and number cards to make factor pairs

Poetry performance on the feelings of Shackleton and his crew members at the embarkment of their journey to Antarctica.

We used natural materials to make our Good Luck charms for Shackleton and his crew members.

Living things and their habitats - we have been looking at the living things found on our school grounds and at which stage of the life cycle they were at.

Victorian Day

Participating in an online Houses of Parliament session

Freeze frames

Victorian Timeline

The pictures below were taken before the pandemic began.

Number Day

Safer Internet Day

Matching Mixed numbers to Improper fractions

Celebrating French festival of La Chandeleur (Candlemas), also known as Fete de la Lumiere (Holiday of the light) and Jour des crepes (Day of the crepes). This festival is celebrated every year on 2nd February in France.

Forces - Water Resistance

Forces: Air Resistance

Using an Atlas to find the major cities of UK

Using dictionaries to find the meanings

Drama and Role Play

Conscience Alley: Should Kat and Ted lie or tell the truth?

Christmas in Year 5

Trip to Horton Kirby

Bollywood Day

Growth Mindset - Matching the statements

Place Value

Which material is a good conductor of heat?

Victorian timeline

Conscience Alley - Should Jim leave the workhouse or stay?

Role Play as characters from Street Child

Readers' Theatre