Morpurgo Class Year 5

Welcome to Morpurgo Class


Welcome to our new class page where you will be able to find out all about what we do in Morpurgo class! 


Year 5 will return to school on Friday 2nd September 2022. Our start time will be 8:45 am and school will end at 3:20 pm each day. Your entrance and exit to school will be through the Playground.


Below you will be able to see: our Term Timetable, our long and medium term plans, your termly Brain-builder task, pictures of what we get up to in class and much more. 


Year 5 will be participating in PE lesson on Wednesdays. Please come dressed in PE clothes. Thanks


Looking forward to seeing everyone in school!


Mrs Pooley and Mrs Thurlowsmiley



Exploring Translation

Role-play - Bradley and Jeff

Using 3D nets to make our 3D shapes and look into their properties

Celebrating the end of linking with other schools

Making most of the warm weather - writing our letters

Creating our Easter cards using symmetrical patterns along with an experience of Michelangelo's style of art!

Saying thank you to the mother figures in our life

Swimming lessons

Linking with Sussex Road Community Primary School


World Book Day _ Listening to Michael Morpurgo

Conscience Alley - Should Liam go to space or confess that he is only twelve years old?

Sculptures, inspired by Michelangelo

Advertising our Theme Parks

Stations of the Cross role play

A short conversation in French

Home Learning - London and its landmarks

Fantastic Fred (Food, Rest, Exercise and Devices) - Improve your mental health

Growth Day - Playing Volley Ball, Listening to the music 'Bolero' by Maurice Ravel and studying Leonardo Da Vinci's painting 'Mona Lisa'

Engaging in watercolour work in response to Monet's paintings of water lilies


Hot-seating as an Israelite slave

Home Learning

Exploring the world

Semaphore flags to communicate

Hot-seating as Joseph and Mary

Using our clocks to read and interpret bus timetable

Making a good luck charm from natural resources

Hot seating as Shackleton's crew member

Ending our Victorian topic with Oiver Twist and a delicious treat of Victorian invention, Ice-cream

Materials and its properties

Conscience Alley - Should Mr Spink make Jim's family homeless or not?

Mr Spink makes Jim's family homeless

Readers' Theatre

Hot-seating as Rosie

PE and Maths - Number bonds