Each week at St. Marys, we all come together to celebrate the great things our pupils achieve. 
A member of each class is awarded a 'Golden Star' and a 'Reading Star' award for their amazing efforts throughout the week. The 'Golden Star' winners receive a certificate and a bookmark; the 'Reading Star' winners receive a certificate and they get to keep the trophy for the week.

Class attendance is also awarded to one class from FS/KS1 and one class from KS2.

Each week, Mrs Szram - our music teacher - awards 'Musician of the Week' to one pupil.


At the end of every year at St Mary's, each class teacher chooses two 'Star Pupils' for outstanding effort, achievement and progress throughout the whole of the year. The pupils were awarded with a gold 'Star pupil' badge in a Prize Giving Award Ceremony, where the parents could attend via Zoom to watch.

Star of the Year Awards

At St. Mary’s, we encourage the pupils to always show respect towards the staff and their peers. To encourage and celebrate this, we reward our pupils in Key Stage 2 with a ‘Respect Award’.

At the end of each term, four pupils from every Key Stage 2 class, are chosen by their class teacher to receive a ‘Respect’ award. They are awarded with a special ‘Respect’ badge and a certificate, which is presented at our Respect Assembly.

‘Respect’ awards are presented to those pupils, who have shown great politeness, kindness, enthusiasm and willingness in every aspect of school life.

Parents and carers are invited to attend and be part of their child’s achievement.

Respect Awards

Golden Stars 26.2.21

Golden Stars 11.2.21

Golden Stars 5.2.21

Golden Stars 29.1.21

Golden Stars 22.1.21

Golden Stars 15.01.21

Golden Stars 8.1.21

Respect Awards 2020

Stars of the Week 10.07.20

Stars of the Week 03.07.20

Stars of the Week 26.06.20

Respect Awards

Respect Awards

Respect Awards