Rosen Class Nursery (2 y/o)

Welcome to Rosen Class!





Rosen room is home to the youngest children in St Marys. We pride ourselves on using their interests to provide engaging and exciting experiences in a stimulating environment. This creates a space for the children to learn through play.


Meet our staff in the 2 year old room


             Ms Augustus - Room Lead                                 


             Ms Augustus - Room Lead                                       Ms Bridger - Nursery Nurse          


        Ms O'Neill - Nursery Nurse                             Ms Edwards - Early Years Admin Assistant 

Our room is set out to engage children and allow them to experience different activities. As well as the classroom the children enjoy their time in the garden, this helps to extend their knowledge and learning.


As much as we help and support children in their daily routine we also promote and allow independence. We set out our environment to give children opportunities to select their own resource they would like to play with.


Have a look at our inside area

Have a look at our outside area

In our classroom we have a interactive smartboard and a large ipad table, this allows the children to interact with learning materials using technology.

Motor skills

Children need many opportunities to develop their gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Gross motor skill involves the large muscles in our bodies that help us to sit, walk, run, climb and jump. In nursery we encourage the children to take part in our physical activities, these include music and movement, climbing and sliding down the climbing frame, crawling through the tunnels and catching and throwing a large ball.


Fine motor skills involves muscles that help control our hands, fingers, lips, tongue and eyes.  In nursery the children have opportunities to build their muscles by playing with playdough, pincher grasps (tweezers), threading and lacing, pealing sticker and puzzles. These activities help children to develop the muscles in their finger, which help develop their pre-writing skills.

A Day in The Life at Nursery.

Our Class Rules

We are kind to our friends.

We use our kind hands and kind feet.

We walk inside nursery.

We share and take turns.

We look after our toys.

Term 5 – In term 5, we will be comparing sizes. We will start to grow our runner beans to see how tall they will grow.  Our first book we will be reading is ‘Titch’ by Pat Hutchins.


Our second book will be ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. We will be investigating new textures, tastes and smells using fruit and vegetables.

The colour of the term - Yellow.

We will be finding yellow objects in our environment to add to the basket.  We will be mixing yellow with different colours to make new a new colour.

Today we had fun repotting the bean plants into single pots. The children took their pots home to watch them growing with their families. We have kept some beans at nursery for the children to watch them growing in the garden. Let us know how tall your beans are growing!

Friday 5th May, we had fun decorating crowns and having a party to celebrate the King's coronation.

This week we had fun planting the beans into soil.

We have been getting creative with natural materials. We used sand, flowers, hay, leaves and sticks for our bean craft.

We had lots of fun doing baby ballet today.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

This week we started to grow our climbing beans in a bag. To create a greenhouse effect the children used a wet paper towel, ziploc bag and beans. We have placed the bags on the window so they can get the warmth from the sun, we will watch the seeds as they start to grow.

Term 4 - This term we are looking at minibeasts. The first book we are looking at is 'Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop' by Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees.


Our second book for this term will be 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister. We will be looking at different sea creatures. 

The colour of the term is - Blue. 

We will be looking for blue objects in our environment and mixing with paints to make different shades of blue. The children can find blue objects around nursery to add in the sand tray.


Friday 24th March we had a Growth Day, we explored and experimented with different colours in order to create a new colour.

This week we started to read 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister. The children enjoyed making their own rainbow fish using different colour sequins, glitter and jewels for our classroom display.


Still image for this video

This week we used a magnifying glass to search for the minibeast pictures all around the garden. Inside we played match the minibeast game and find the minibeasts in the sand. We took turns to feed the caterpillar healthy foods, moved like a caterpillar through the tunnel and used ribbons to act like a butterfly.

This week we made stain glass window minibeasts for our classroom display. We played with minibeast masks and scooped up the minibeasts from the water.

The children enjoyed exploring in the wonderful world of minibeasts tuff tray. They used tweezers to pick up the bugs and matched some of the minibeasts to the correct cards.

Minibeast playdough activity.

We used a range of big and small vehicles to see which ones could fit down the long tube. The children used creative and critical thinking to unblock the tunnel when the cars got stuck in the tube.

Our youngest members of the school are included in extra curricular activities such as ballet, volleyball workshops and Diwali dancing which the children thoroughly enjoy. We also work closely with our 3/4 year old room, this helps with transition into the Donaldson class.

World Book Day

We dressed up as our favourite book characters and decorated bookmarks to use in our book corner.

Ballet was great fun, the children danced with scarves and enjoyed popping the bubbles.

The children took part in number day, they played with lots of number activities. They went on a number walk around the school and enjoyed finding the numbers in the environment.