Donaldson Class Nursery

Welcome to Donaldson Class!


Hello my lovely Donaldson's

These are our class rules:

We share and take turns.

We walk in nursery.

We keep our nursery tidy.

We play together and we are kind to our friends.

Long Term Planning 2020-2021

Welcome Back !

Mrs Orpin, Mrs Shelton and Mrs Kelly

Autumn 1: Topic - Prepositions

Lots of our activities are set up using tuff trays, here are some examples of ones we have used.
This term we are learning about prepositions. The book we are reading is 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen.
Developing gross motor skills are very important, as children need to master these skills to help them to write and form letters. These muscles are developed by encouraging the children to take part in physical activities, such as climbing, balancing, dancing and crawling.
In nursery we do lots of 'Funky Finger' activities, this helps the children with their fine motor skills. These activities help the children to develop the muscles in their fingers, which will help the children develop their writing skills.

We had a fantastic first day.

We have enjoyed being back and starting nursery. We have had lots of fun exploring and playing.

​​​​​​Information for Parents

Story time 


If you would like to hear Mrs Shelton reading stories, please click on menu, then children, then video resource centre, under nursery you see her stories! 

A Day in The Life at Nursery.

Come and Play in our Early Years Foundation Stage
Our outdoor classroom is as important as the indoor classroom..