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Hello my lovely Donaldson's

These are our class rules:

We share and take turns.

We walk in nursery.

We keep our nursery tidy.

We play together and we are kind to our friends.

Long Term Planning 2020-2021

Nursery Staff

Spring 1: Topic - Routines

We have made some fantastic shape Dinosaurs

We have been working really hard on our phonics this week

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Listening for the end sound in a word

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Can you hear the end sound ?

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Listening for the initial sound ?

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Everyone helped with our Cave Baby display.

Our fantastic Patterns display.

This week we have learnt about patterns. We have made our own fossils and painted characters from our story.

We experimented with different ways to melt the ice.

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We tried salt.

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We had a very busy week. We used scissors to cut playdough, then we made dinosaurs using the playdough. We were paleontologists, excavating dinosaur bones and fossils. A great game of bingo was played with us learning our numbers as we went. We enjoyed looking at dinosaur books with our friends and we made caves for the dinosaurs to live in.

We have a life size Dinosaur on our ceiling, she is called Recyclasaurus.

We really enjoyed our first day back after Christmas.

Autumn 2: Topic -Traditional Stories



We made a Christmas Tree using the speed stackers.

We have made lots of lovely decorations.

Christmas Dinner

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Christmas crackers !

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Today was Christmas Jumper Day, we wore our Christmas jumpers and designed and decorated some jumpers.

We dressed up for our Christmas Dance which you can see on the video resource page.

Today the elves had made us a workshop to help Father Christmas to get ready for Christmas Eve.

This week we have been working really hard on our story 'The Three Little Pigs', we have made houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. We have worked in teams to build houses, made playdough pigs and wolves and had a go at 'Huff and Puff' paintings.

We celebrated Diwali in Nursery. We did symmetrical painting and we had Mendhi hand patterns.

We made beds for the Three Bears.

We drew pictures of the characters in our story. Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Today we have been tasting different flavoured porridge, then we said which one we liked best and why.

We are shape superstars in Nursery. We have been trying hard to recognise these shapes and use them in our play!

We became artists and drew characters from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Look how amazing our drawings are!

Look how we made vegetable soup!

Autumn 1: Topic - Prepositions

Lots of our activities are set up using tuff trays, here are some examples of ones we have used.
This term we are learning about prepositions. One of the books we are reading is 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. We have also been looking at Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins.

Aaron told a fantastic version of 'Rosie'sWalk' to his friends.

See the video resource centre for his fabulous story.

Everyone has been fantastic at their phonics this week.

We have been making fantastic 3D farm animals using recycling.

Kuba, Scarlett and Aiden made a fantastic 'Pirate World' using duplo.

We have been doing lots of maths today, this is our new number bond rhyme.

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When we count to 10 we grow, this reminds us we count forwards and our numbers get bigger.

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We have been really busy with our maths activities this afternoon.

Today we went on a Bear Hunt, you can see our videos of our adventures on the Video Resource Centre page.

Developing gross motor skills are very important, as children need to master these skills to help them to write and form letters. These muscles are developed by encouraging the children to take part in physical activities, such as climbing, balancing, dancing and crawling.
In nursery we do lots of 'Funky Finger' activities, this helps the children with their fine motor skills. These activities help the children to develop the muscles in their fingers, which will help the children develop their writing skills.

We had a fantastic first day.

We have enjoyed being back and starting nursery. We have had lots of fun exploring and playing.

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