Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

Our Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner is Chantelle Woodford. She will be offering:

1. Support for parents who would like to understand more about their child.

2. Group sessions with pupils.

3. Support in class, with advice for teaching staff.

4. Workshops with parents and pupils.

5. Support for pupils experiencing anxiety.

You are able to contact Chantelle through the school office on 01322 665212.

Alternatively you are able to use the self referrral form which is available below.

Please note that pupils are able to self refer to this service.

You may consider using this service if you notice that your child has:

Difficulty concentrating

Has lost interest in activities previously enjoyed

Avoids particular activities

Is tired

Little of no appetite

Difficulty sleeping

Complains of frequent stomach ache/headaches

Is irritable



Feeling as if they cannot cope.

(the above list is not exhaustive)