Growth - Make a Difference

The next 'Growth-make a difference' day will be on Friday 11th February!

On 25th November we launched our St Mary's Growth - make a difference days. We will be holding these events termly, and working with the children to look at differences we can make to our environment and ourselves, which improve our health and wellbeing. This can be as small as turning off lights and computers when we leave the classroom, to walking a daily mile, and exploring the idea of a biophilic classroom (identifying that we all seek connections with nature, and learn better when we have plants in the room, which also improves air quality). The children will debate current issues such as climate change, healthy lunchboxes and keeping fit. 

More news to follow.....

The Story of our Allotment

After our first 'growth-make a difference' day, the pupils requested that we develop the idea of an allotment on school grounds. We had raised beds that we grew strawberries and potatoes in, but the pupils wanted to look at developing this further and growing food that could be used, for lunch, in the school kitchen.

The first phase of this work has now started, with thanks to Swanley Town Council, and we have been donated seeds by Tesco in Sidcup. 

Our Nursery Class had a pamper day, celebrating 'Growth-make a difference' with us! We were all jealous of the footspa, hair salon, pop-corn machine and Mozart playing to relax them!
We really enjoyed Growth day! We went on a litter pick and spoke about why it is important not to drop litter. We learnt how to make a colour wheel with paint, we only used three colours to make all the colours we needed. We learnt about the Artist Elisha Onglere we drew pictures and then decorated with chalk or paint. We listened to Mozart and drew how we felt.

Year 2

We had great fun on Growth Day learning about how to look after our mind and body. We spent time listening to Mozart music, completing mindfulness colouring and continuing to improve our mindful stretching. 

Year 3

We had great fun on Growth Day learning about how to look after our mind and body. We spent time listening to Mozart music, while we did research about the artist Jim Wright and continuing to improve our mindful stretching. We also discovered a lot about pollution and how we can make the Earth a cleaner place.

Year 4-We had a great day learning new PE skills, trying our hand at 'Op Art' in the style of Bridget Riley and listening to music from the 1960s.

Year 6 - Growth Day - 13th February 2020 - We listened to Mozart and Beethoven, whilst creating our 'Gustav Klimt' inspired art work.

Year 5 and 6 - Mindfulness and stretching increases body awareness, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, strain, and inflammation, sharpens attention and concentration, and calms and centers the nervous system.

Year 6 Maths - We converted percentages into degrees and represented where Greenhouse gases come from as a pie chart.