Beautiful Artwork!

Art around our school

Term 3 2020-2021 Year 1 troll pictures in style of Kurt Schwitters

Reception have been learning about Frank Stella. We have been making art in the style of Frank Stella. This includes lots of printing and sculpting.

Some more amazing art work using different materials by Amelia in Year 6

An amazing VE Day 75th Anniversary poster by Amelia Year 6

Amelia and Robyn - Skellig characters

Character sketches by Robyn - Yr 6

Year 5 Homework

We have been learning about Kenya in our Topic lessons. We have created our own watercolour sunset safari paintings, before then studying the work of William Mutua. He is an artist from Nairobi and reflects this in his work. We recreated some of his work on African animals using pencils and watercolours.

Year 6 Graffiti Art

Canvas Painting from Year 5

The Four Seasons from Year 3

Year 6 Homework Project
Painting with fine brushes in Nursery, exploring Jack and the Beanstalk.

Year 6 - 'The Howling Wolf' - Monochrome pastel drawings

Self Portraits from Year 1

Year 2 Sunset Safari watercolour paintings.