A Glimpse of Return

We have now been back to school for 8 days, with Years 1, 6, Reception and Nursery. If you are wondering what this looks like, it is very different! Our biggest class is 12 pupils, and the children are having breaks and lunch time in their 'bubbles' or groups. This does mean that the class groups are not seeing each other, which is a shame. Pupils wash their hands when they come into school, and during the day. Staff use gloves when they are handling books, so they are not passing germs from book to book.

All of the children are having lots of interventions and one-to-one teaching, which means that they are making great progress. Mathematics and English lessons run in much the same way, with Power of Reading focused lessons in the morning. Phonics is still taking place in small groupa. We are not letting any workmen/women in to school, neither are we letting teachers who are not our own, or parents into school. This protects the pupils and staff from risk of infection. If you would like to discuss any concerns you have, do not hesitate to contact the school office.