Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs A McGarrigle

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs N Davison

EYFS/KS1 Phase Leader - Mrs Sarah Fletcher

KS2 Phase Leader - Mrs Anju Pooley


Office Staff

Business Manager - Miss S Sepet

Admin Assistant - Mrs E Smith

Finance Manager - Mr M Arnold

Data Protection Lead - Mr M Arnold

Data Controller - Miss S Sepet


Specialist Teachers

SENCO - Mrs E Wattam

Reading Recovery Teacher - Mrs F Daniels

Pupil Premium Teacher for writing (Years 2 and 3) - Mrs Nina Ashford

Pupil Premium Teacher for writing (Yr 4,5 & 6) - Mrs D Murphy

Behaviour Specialist - Mr R Sinclair-Harris



Family & Community Support Manager - Mrs T Kennedy



Year 6 Teacher - Mrs N Davison

Year 5 Teacher - Mrs A Pooley

Year 4 Teacher - Miss K Buonaiuto

Year 3 Teacher -Mr R Sinclair-Harris

Year 2 Teacher - Miss C Orpin

Year 1 Teacher - Mrs S Fletcher 

Year R Teacher - Mrs S Padmore

Nursery Teacher - Mrs D Shelton

PPA Teacher (KS1) - Ms P Lam

PPA Teacher (KS2) - 

French Teacher - Mrs L Ives

Music Teacher (violin and piano) - Mrs C Szram


Teaching Assistant

Nursery Nurse (N) - Mrs A Kelly

Learning Support Assistant (R) - Miss S Sepet

Learning Support Assistant (N)     - Mrs S Orpin 

Learning Support Assistant (1) - Mrs S Harty

Learning Support Assistant (R) - Mrs C Holland

Learning Support Assistant (5) - Ms N Leadbeater

Learning Support Assistant (3) - Miss L Lockyer 

Learning Support Assistant (mathematics) - Mrs S Manwaring  

Learning Support Assistant (mathematics) - Mrs A Moore 

Learning Support Assistant (2) - Mr M White

Learning Support Assistant (3) - Ms L Miles

Learning Support Assistant (6) - Mrs C Sepet

Learning Support Assistant (4) - Mrs L Thurlow


Lunchtime Staff

Midday Play Leader - Buddy Club  - Mrs S Harty 

Midday Play Leader - Chillz Club - Lunchtime First Aider - Mrs M Bailes 

Midday Play Leader - Ms N Leadbeater

Midday Play Leader - Mrs A Moore 

Midday Play Leader - Mr M White

Midday Play Leader - Mrs S Manwaring 

Midday Play Leader - Mrs C Sepet

Midday Play Leader - Mrs L Thurlow

Midday Play Leader - Mrs T Kennedy

Midday Supervisor - Mrs J Bowley



Cleaner - Mrs J Bowley

Cleaner - Mr L Jurd