PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.



In the school year 2014/2015 the school received £8790.64 in sports funding. This was allocated to enhance provision already in place, and improve achievement in all year groups.


At St Mary’s, this money was used to purchase:

£6000 worth of sports equipment, including crash mats, table tennis and archery equipment
Archery workshops
A weekly gymnastics club with a specialist tutor (KS1 and 2)
Training for the subject coordinator
Skateboarding workshop
Training for lunch staff
Skipping workshops
Sports Association membership
The outcome of these purchases:

Improved teacher knowledge and delivery through observation of other specialist teachers
Provided the opportunity for children to develop skills through a wide range of physical challenges
Increased confidence, and participation levels in after school sports activities
Motivated children to take risks and try sports which they had previously not experienced
Ensured children were able to continue learning and practicing skills during the lunch period

All children have had access to the following activities, in addition to their two hours of weekly, physical education lessons:

Swimming (KS2)
Attendance at after school clubs has increased by 100% following this input.


This has improved achievement in all years groups, and currently, the percentage of children worked at ‘expected’ or better levels of achievement are:

Year Group


Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6


These levels are assessed against the current national curriculum guidance.

As a result of our improved teaching practice, and motivating response from all classes, we feel that we have now embraced physical education and all its benefits, and better inspire a generation of achievers.

Celebrating Achievement

As a result of this increased funding, ability and confidence, the school has taken part in:

Benchball Tournaments
Netball Tournaments
County Athletics
Dance competitions
Our children have also won a wide variety of awards in all areas of sport, including national championships. We are very proud of their achievement.

Please note: Our swimming lessons are fully funded by the school, at no cost to parents, and are not included in this expense breakdown.


SPORTS FUNDING 2015/2016 - £8825.00

As a result of the increased focus upon Sports in the last school year, the pupils have requested that funding this year be spent on a long jump track and pit. Installation of this started on 22nd September 2015. This will cost £8025.00.

In addition to this we have maintained an after school gymnastics club; and purchased training and reference materials for staff. At the six month budget monitoring this had cost an additional £1634.83. It is expected that the expenditure and focus for Sports will greatly exceed this grant in this school year.


Impact Statement:

The Governors of the school have maintained a focus on:

Developing quality first teaching
Listening to pupil voice, and developing activities which are both healthy and enjoyable
Purchasing high quality PE equipment to support the improvements in lessons

What difference did this make?


There was an increase in pupils achieving the expected level in PE, as a result of a better developed lesson and improved resources
There was the opportunity for pupils to work in small groups to use the equipment, which made teaching and direction easier
The pupils were more engaged in lessons, because they had been consulted in purchasing the equipment.
Staff found lesson planning easier because of the wide variety of equipment available. They noticed an improvement in the engagement of boys and pupils with special educational needs.
Feedback from pupils was positive, and many pupils now described this as "the best lesson" and "my favourite".
Pupils are proud of the new equipment, and treat it with care.
Participation in clubs has increased, and more children are now accessing healthy after school provision.
Sports Funding 2016/2017 - £8825.00

Using this money we focused, in this school year, on specialist teaching and activities which would not normally be available within the school day. Since September, pupils have had a weekly lesson, observed by classroom staff, with a specialist PE teacher. In addition to this they have taken part in traditional Indian dance classes, and we are in the process of securing use of tennis courts and golf lessons. We aim to start these lessons, with specialist coaches, by December 2016.


Sports Funding Subject Leader's Report 201