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Welcome to Murphy Class!


Our class rules.

We are kind to our friends

We always walk in the classroom.

We are fantastic at tidying up.

 We share nicely.

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Come and play in the Early Years Foundation Stage
Our outdoor classroom is as important as our indoor classroom..

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Reception Documents 

We always plan from our children's next steps. We are currently learning about stories!

Here is our class timetable and our current topic web. 

Long term plans 2018-2019

Jill Murphy 

We are named the Murphy class after the author Jill Murphy. Our favourite books by Jill Murphy include Peace at Last, The last Noo Noo, Whatever next and the series of books about the Large Family. We have our class mascot called Bert. He visits the children's homes during weekends and half term breaks. 

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Sport's Week 2019 - We have been having lots of fun!

We have just had our very tiny caterpillars arrive! We are looking forward to watching them grow and change over the next few weeks!


Tadpoles 1
Tadpoles 2
Tadpoles 3
Tadpoles 4
Tadpoles 5
Tadpoles 6

Joseph and his special coat

We acted out the story of Joseph and his special coat. We spoke about the importance of treating everyone fairly and the same.

The Three Little Pigs

We enjoyed learning the story of the Three Little Pigs. We all made masks and then acted out the story. We make houses using different materials, then Mrs Huff and Puff tried to blow it down!

Reception have enjoyed learning about Easter

Reception have spent the term learning about Easter. First we learnt about Lent on pancake day and ate some pancakes. Then we learnt the Easter story. We celebrated each day separately. On our day learning about Good Friday we ate hot cross buns and designed a cross. When we learnt about the Saturday we made Easter Gardens. When we learnt about Easter Sunday we were very happy and had an Easter Egg hunt.

Happy Mothers Day to all the important people in our lives.

Happy Mothers Day to all the important people in our lives.  1

Reception have been talking about Easter. We made beautiful Easter gardens to remember Jesus.

Our lovely ducks are enjoying life on the farm!

Our lovely ducks are enjoying life on the farm! 1

World Book Day


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Feeding time

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Monday 4th March:

Reception are so lucky we were given 6 duck eggs, to look after! They are currently in the incubator staying nice and warm. Sometimes you can hear the eggs cheeping very very quietly! 

Tuesday 5th March:

Two of the eggs have started to crack. 

11.40 Duck 1 was born. Now called Princess

12.03 Duck 2 was born. Now called Fluffy

12.27 Duck 3 was born. Now called Quack

2.06 Duck 4 was born. Now called Luck

The children have all recorded what they would like our ducks to be called!

Wednesday 6th March

Marshmallow and Pancake hatched over night and now all our ducks are happy together in the cage.


Ducklings first playtime

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Marshmallow and Pancake meeting Princess, Fluffy, Quack and Luck

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Duckling coming out of the egg.

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Our ducks are here!


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ECHO charity day

African Drumming

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We have been learning about Handas Surprise, we listened to a children's drumming band and tried to copy it.


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Today was our NSPCC numbers day! We decided to join in with measuring mayhem. We all measured our ingredients to make rocky road, cupcakes and rice krispy cakes! We then sold them at the end of the day to our lovely parents for 50p! We raised £43.50 We enjoyed placing our pennies down for our penny trail! Reception really enjoyed number day!

Jack and the Beanstalk.

We are learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. We have really enjoyed the story and all of our different activities.
We went to the Post Office to post our letters to Father Christmas. We queued in line and then we paid for our stamp. we can't wait to receive our letters back.

Science experiment- Lava Lamps

First aid -Zog

In our story Zog, the Princess and Knight become doctors. Reception decided they wanted to become doctors. We spoke about the important of hygiene when helping someone who is hurt. We then practised bandaging up our friend.

Acting out Room on the Broom

Room on The Broom

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We have been enjoying learning our story, we are really good at telling our story. We hope you enjoy it.


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This week we have been learning about Diwali. It means row of lights. We have been comparing the traditions that are celebrated at Diwali to our own traditions. We have really enjoyed our fun week!
We have loved having our teddy bears at school. We have used our bears for lots of learning! We have made labels for our bears! We have written why we love our bears. We have compared the sizes of our teddies and then measured them using cubes. We finished our term by having a lovely teddies bear picnic!


Reception learnt about the important of Harvest for Christians. We spoke about why we give thanks to God at this time of year. We looked at different vegetables and then made delicious soup!  

Bear Experiment.

We have picked a gummy bear and put it in a clear cup, we choose which liquid we wanted to put over our bear (squash, salt water, bubble bath or diet coke.) Now we are waiting to see what happens!

We acted out the story of Peace at Last!

We loved Indian dancing!

We went on a REAL bear hunt!!

We are really enjoying our first few weeks at school.

We're going on a bear hunt song

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We played musical instruments as we sung our favourite Bear Hunt song!