Year 6 Litter-pick with Swanley Town Council

The children were invited along by Swanley Town Council to help with the Grow Wild UK initiative.

They helped to spread wild flower seeds around the trees in Swanley Recreation Ground. This scheme is to encourage the bees and butterflies.

Great British Spring Clean

Remembrance Silouette Unveiling

School Cluster Council meeting June 2018

Our school council was lucky enough to be invited to a School Cluster Council meeting by the Mayor of Swanley, Lesley Dyball. It was weld in the council chambers at the Civic Centre, Swanley. The Mayor explained her roles and responsibilities before inviting children to a question and answer session. 

The Community Warden, Paul Sharrad was also their to share his roles and assist with the questions and answers. The children asked lots of interesting questions and this was noted by the Mayor herself. 

 "I asked questions on the controversial matter of graffiti (art or vandalism?)

she replied; graffiti in Swanley is not art but vandalism, in places like Shoreditch it is art but the words used in Swanley are mostly inappropriate." Lemuel Year 6.

Team building with Aylesford Primary School May 2018
Today our Year 5 class traveled to Maidstone on the train, to meet with another Year 5 class from Aylesford Primary School. A great day was had by all children and staff. The day started with an interesting task to find out what things we all have in common and what things are different between us. We all worked together and lots of friendships were formed. The final task was to make a collaberative picture using nature. Leaves, twigs, flowers and lots more were collected and amazing art work was produced. Thank you for such a wonderful day Aylesford primary.
Easter Bonnet Competition March 2018
In March we were lucky enough to have the Mayor of Swanley,  Laurence Ball come and judge our Easter Bonnet Competition. All children were invited to make a bonnet and each class picked a winner. Mayor Laurence Ball then did the honor of choosing an over-all winner for Key stage 1 and Key stage 2. The effort that went into making some of the hats was amazing. Well done to all who entered. 
Bore Place, Edenbridge February 2018
Our reception class and year 6 class, were lucky enough to visit a working, organic dairy farm in Edenbridge. The children got to walk around the farm and see the cows and how the farm runs from day-to-day. The children then had the opportunity to make leek and feta scones. They were all able to chop, mix, weigh, fry and bake there own scones, before being able to eat them! We were all taught the importance of recycling and what we can do to help. 
Community Litter-pick January 2018
Our Year 5 class took pride in going out and doing a litter-pick to clean up the local area as part of the 'Great British Spring Clean'. Children were provided with all the tools they needed by Swanley Town Council to carry the task out and had a very successful afternoon. It was a lovely way of supporting the community. Thank you Year 5. 
Harvest and Swanley Food Bank October 2017

 Here at St. Mary's we held a harvest festival and all the staff and children kindly made donations. Once the food had all been collected our Year 6 class took it to the local foodbank. The foodbank provides nutritionally balanced emergency food and supplies to local people, who are referred to them in crisis. They work hard as part of a nationwide network of foodbanks. The staff were very greatful for our donations of fresh food, cupboard supplies and toiletries. They took time to talk to the children and explain exactly how we are helping our local community. Well done to everyone involved.

If anyone would like extra information about the foodbank please talk to our school FLO Mrs Kennedy.

Summer Fete June 2017
On 19th June we held our annual Summer Fete. The Friends of St. Mary's (FOSMS) worked very hard to prepare and organise the day with Mrs Kennedy. The children helped to run stalls and many parents came along to support such a worthy cause. It was lovely to see our local organisations turn out to support us too. Thank you to everyone who either worked with the organisation of the event or turned up on the day to support us.