Clubs and Enrichment

What is on offer at St Mary's at the moment:

Maths Club

Maths Club supports our mathematics curriculum. It allows KS2 pupils to develop fluency and problem solving skills, and then practice these in an organised and supported way. Maths Club is open to all pupils in KS2, and starts at 8.20am every morning. Ms Leadbeater and Mrs Manwaring are available to support pupils, and resolve any misconceptions. Our data shows that, if a child regularly attends maths club in KS2, they will achieve at least the expected standard in Year 6. This club is not all about hard work though, our children say:

"Friday is the best Maths Club day"

"Maths Club helps me"

"I like it when it gets hard - the harder it gets the better, because then you learn."

"Maths Club is fun"

"Maths Club helps me".

If you require any further information, please speak to a member of staff on the playground, or call the school office.

Art Club

Art Club supports our Art Curriculum, and explores a range of artist techniques and media. The pupils explore the work of known and little known artists, and use this knowledge to develop their own style and creations. We work together on projects, and create individual pieces. We share information on amazing artists and develop our own taste and opinions - whilst respecting the opinions of others.