Welcome to Wilson Class!

Hi Wilson Class! After an exciting term, it is now the half term holiday, a time to recharge your batteries ready for the next term! We have been learning about the Vikings in Topic and Art and you will be able to find some examples of your brilliant work here on our web page over the next week. As well as this, I will post some photos of our learning so watch this space!


Have a great holiday, enjoy yourselves and stay safe. I look forward to seeing you again for another term of learning adventures (including an educational visit - details to follow.)


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Homework - due 22.02.18

The homework this week is:

Task 1:         Read 4 or more times at home for 20 minutes per read (don’t forget to record it in you reading record)

Task 2:         Review and learn your times tables, practise them over the holiday.

Task 3:         Complete the Independent Learning task below.




‘The Vikings’


This term we have been learning about the Vikings. For your Independent Learning

Project, your job is to find a way to show everything you have learned about the

Vikings. Was there a particular aspect of Viking life that interested you? Maybe

it was their amazing longboats and figureheads or perhaps you were interested in the

battle of Lindisfarne. You can present your work however you wish but it must include

some facts about the Vikings. You may wish to make a PowerPoint, or you may wish to

create a booklet or a poster.


Be creative and have fun! I will look forward to reading your projects after the holiday.

Year 4 Timetable