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Meeting the Deputy Mayor Lesley Dyball 

April 2017






School Councillors for 2015

COUNCIL MEETING - Friday 6 November at 2.30pm

Cake & Coffee Afternoon

All of Year 6  visited the local community Thursday Group at the Alexandra Suite on 15th October 2015 to serve them cake with their tea and coffee. We got to sit and chat with them about the history of Swanley. We met Flo, who Jonathan worked out was a young age of of 92! She has been attending the group since 1978!It was lovely hearing all the interesting stories about Swanley in the past. We had a lovely afternoon and really enjoyed chatting with them. At the end they gave us a kind donation of £51.56 to go towards our Prom.




Food Bank 

Harvest Festival was held on Wednesday 7th October. There was a big assembly with Father Dane and every child brought in some food.

We arranged to take the food to the Swanley Food Bank on Tuesday 13th October with Mrs Kennedy. We unloaded the car and were met by Wendy who showed us how to weigh the food on the scales and we had collected a huge amount of 79.3kg!  Afterwards we got to have a look around the building where Wendy explained how it all worked. All the food has to be sorted into date order and anything out of date gets put to one side. There were also non-food shelves with shampoos, soap powders and baby things. We really enjoyed our trip!