Welcome to Potter Class!

In Year 1 our class rules are....

Be kind to each other.

Always listen carefully.

Walk inside.

Do our best.


In Year 1 we have just started our new story - it is an Indian folk tale called Pattan's Pumpkin. We are reading a little more every day and have been looking at the characters and where it is set this week.



Please can I ask that you help your child to practise getting changed and dressed by themselves. This will really help to speed up getting changed for PE and will allow us to have more time being active! Could I also ask that if girls wear earrings that they wear studs on PE days (which we will help them to tape up) and if they can have a day without earrings that would be helpful.






Last term we followed instructions to make porridge.......

Today we have been learning about the seasons, look at some of our amazing pictures!

Look at the lovely picture homework club made on materials.....