To achieve our policy of aiming high for all pupils, procedures are put in place to ensure that each child makes appropriate and steady progress.  These measures are rigorous and robust to ensure that all children receive their entitlement to:


  • A safe and happy learning environment.
  • Steady and appropriate progress in the curriculum (at approximately 1.9 sub-levels on the National Curriculum or appropriate progress in the Early Year’s curriculum).
  • Good teaching and opportunities for learning.
  • An appropriately resourced education.
  • Know that ‘Every Child Matters’.

With this aim, our staff are carefully selected and appropriately qualified; and an important plan is in place to ensure that their qualifications are kept up-to-date, and they are kept abreast of national documentation and issues.  In selecting staff we aim to appoint the most suitable candidate, regardless of gender or race.


When children start at our school, whether as a Nursery child, at the start of statutory schooling in the Reception year, or as a casual admission to another year group, they will all go through a period of assessment to ensure that we match their curriculum to their needs. We call this ‘assessment for learning’.  After this you can rest assured that home learning (brain builders) as well as class learning will take an appropriate form.


Should your child need help with the curriculum, social skills, physical development or wellbeing, we have a large Special Needs department which include:

  • a Special Needs co-ordinator (SENCO)
  • a Reading Recovery specialist teacher
  • Special Needs support assistants
  • Time2Talk counsellor


and access to cluster:


  • Cognition and Learning specialist teacher
  • School Nurse; and
  • Speech and Language Therapist


The Headteacher monitors the progress of all the children in the school, and where she, with the class teacher, is unhappy with a child’s progress, the above services will be utilized to ensure the best provision is in place.  A child will not be refused a place at St Mary’s because they have Special Educational Needs, and parents should not feel concerned about discussing their child’s needs at any stage. Parents of children who have special needs have the opportunity to meet with the Headteacher once every term to discuss any issues or worries they have.


As a school, we believe that the best learning takes place where a child is happy, confident, valued and interested. For this reason we have taken the decision to enrich the curriculum for all pupils.  We ensure that all children (from Nursery through to Year 6) have French lessons, with a specialist French teacher.  In Key Stage 2, pupils have access to music tuition once a week (violin and piano), which is fully funded by the school.  We also offer a full range of after school clubs, including sports clubs, drama and art.


Should any parent have any questions regarding their child’s attainment, they should address these initially to the class teacher.  If for any reason they are unhappy with their child’s progress, they should make an appointment at the school office to see the Headteacher, Mrs McGarrigle, who will be happy to answer any questions with regard to attainment.  We are extremely proud of our children, and feel confident that we can assure parents that good, strong progress will be made by all our pupils, regardless of their special needs or abilities.