Mission Statement

Statements of Aims and Values

Mission Statement


1. Promoting the education achievement of all pupils within the school within a Christian environment

2. Our pupils are encouraged to enrich their own lives and those amongst whom they live, by being made familiar with the Gospel values.

3. Encouraging and providing opportunity for the pupils to display these values by showing;


  • A love of God
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for other faiths, creeds and cultures

4. We will seek to create a dynamic interaction between Home, School       and  Parish, which will contribute to the faith journey of each pupil and staff member within the school community.

5. We will endeavour through implementation of this Mission statement, to meet the needs of: 

  • Pupils
  • Teaching Staff
  • Non-Teaching Staff
  • Governors
  • Parents
  • Visitors to the school


6.  We will work within the school towards the common belief that Christ is the foundation of and reason for the existence of St Mary’s Church of England School.

St Mary’s Church of England School is committed to work towards racial equality and to combat racial discrimination and racial harassment.