Late/Absence Procedures



At St Mary's we are committed to the continuous raising of achievement of all our pupils.  Regular attendance is critical if our pupils are to be successful and benefit from the opportunities presented to them.


One of our basic principles is to celebrate success. Good attendance is fundamental to a successful and fulfilling school experience. We actively promote 100% attendance for all our pupils and we use a variety of weekly, termly and annual awards to promote good attendance and punctuality.


The Governors, Headteacher and Staff in partnership with parents have a duty to promote full attendance at St Mary's.


To help us promote regular attendance and punctuality and ensure that absences are kept to a minimum,  St Mary Primary School now work with The South Eastern Attendance Advisory Service (SEAAS) who provide focused support to improve school attendance.


Working with SEAAS, we continuously monitor and review the attendance of all pupils. If we have concerns about a pupil’s attendance level or that a pupil’s attendance is having a negative impact on their education, we will refer the matter to SEAAS who will work with you to improve the attendance.


SEAAS will work on behalf of the school to address all attendance concerns including lateness and holidays in term time.  In cases where attendance does not improve and or parents are not engaging with the process, SEAAS will consider all the legal options available to them including penalty notices and referrals to the Local Authority for prosecution under Sec.444(1) Education Act 1996.




At St Mary's registers are taken at 9am and 1pm any children arriving after these times will be marked as late (code L/U). All absences must be reported to the School Office by 8:45am each day, any absence not reported will be marked as unauthorised (code O)-this may result in Penalty Notice action. Absences in excess of 3 days or if your child's attendance is below 90% require medical evidence to authorise.

Holiday's within term time are not permitted at St Mary's unless there are exceptional circumstances. Again, holiday's taken without school permission will result in a Penalty Notice.