Year 4- Wilson 

Welcome Year 4 


Below you will find the Classroom Rules, Timetables, Long Term Plan, and Brainbuilders.

Our class name has changed to 'Wilson' (named after the famous author Jacqueline Wilson. 

Rules of Year 4

 Read daily and bring your book to school every day. (READ AT LEAST 4X A WEEK)

 Remember to complete and return your Brain Builder on time.

 Be in school on time every day ~ you don’t want to miss important learning.

 Respect class equipment. (including other people’s stuff.)

 Listen, wait your turn ~ don’t interrupt.

 Earn Respect ~set a good example to others.

 Try your best ~ I expect nothing less.


Here is your Autumn term timetable. 

This week's homework


Here is your new Topic Web for the new term.



















PE - American Football