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Hello everyone! Here you will find your weekly timetable, termly topic web and yearly overview. As well your weekly brain builder.


Keep checking back for photos and information about the exciting activities we have done in class!

Year 3 Brain Builder- Creative Task

Friday 9th February 2018


Due: Thursday 22nd February 2018



Task 1: Read your book 6 or more times at home (don’t forget to record it in your reading record).

Task 2: Review and learn your times tables for your test on Wednesday.


Task 3: Complete the creative task below.


Geography – Weather


This term in Topic we have learned about weather and climate around the world!

For your Brain Builder task this week, I would like you to tell me everything you learned about weather, climate zones and different places that are hot and cold.

Then think of the information you know and answer all the question words: what, when, why, who, where and how?


You can present it any way you wish. You may wish to write about the things you know and use pictures too. You could use a computer or make a booklet. You could pick a country and do a weather profile on it. Just remember to be creative!


Here are some ideas:

- Poster

- Power point

- Fact File

- Booklet/leaflet


Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Timetable 1

Term 4 Topic Web

Term 4 Topic Web 1

Year 3 Yearly Overview

Year 3 Yearly Overview 1